Embrace the change

I’ll show you how to ‘embrace the change’
(one hot flush at a time) and emerge as
the Great Dame you are destined to be.

it’s time to talk.

Even though you may feel like your body is out of control and that you’ve reverted to a moody teen (only this time with a ‘spare tyre’), it doesn’t have to be this way; let’s embrace the change together.

With years of study, an arsenal of tried and tested remedies and over 10 years’ clinical experience as a naturopath and nutritionist helping women just like you, I’ll help you navigate this ‘moveable feast’ and emerge healthier and happier than you’ve ever been before.

Marnie Downer


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The top five symptoms of menopause
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“For too long women have suffered in silence through these transition years, feeling as if we’re invisible and reached our ‘use-by-date’. I say ‘no’ to this!”

Marnie Downer