My Story

Hi, I’m Marnie Downer,

Farm girl, adventurer and natural born hedonist who grew up to be a naturopath, nutritionist, educator and speaker.

I knew in my 30s that when my ovaries went into retirement my adrenal glands would pick up the slack. So, it made sense that I should manage my stress right?

Only I didn’t… I was too busy.

Until one day a warm glow shattered my sleep and peace. No, this was not love. This was a ‘royal flush’ like nothing I’d ever experienced.

It couldn’t be, could it? Is it? Am I? Surely, I’m not…perimenopausal!

Deny, deny, deny!

My misspent youth had finally caught up with me. All those years of stressing, worrying and working too much came back to bite me in the
bum. With a vengeance.

I’ve wasted my life
I’m a failure
I’m redundant and invisible
What the hell happened to my body?
Is this all in my head?

Fortunately, it’s never too late to get ‘it’ together. I’ve been embracing this process by accepting what is, reconciling with the grief and most importantly, making changes to my diet and lifestyle (top tip: alcohol won’t help you sleep)

But – going through menopause can be challenging – incredibly challenging for many of us. Including me.

And here’s the thing.

You DON’T have to do this alone.

Even though you may feel like a slave to your hormones, rest assured this is not forever. BUT (and it’s a big but) you must learn to love and take care of yourself. That’s the joyful thing about menopause. The hormones that you used to make that ensured you looked after everyone else’s needs before your own, have, just like Elvis, left the building!

And now YOU get to figure out what you want for YOUR life. Liberating huh?

But you have to take action. For too long women have suffered in silence through these transition years, feeling as if we’re invisible and reached our ‘use-by-date’. I say ‘no’ to this!

Let’s ensure the second half of life is infinitely better than the first.

So, how do you learn to ‘embrace the change’?
Let me show you.

Marnie Downer

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Marnie Downer

My approach

As you may have gathered, I like to have a laugh.

I’m living through this change, with all its colourful ups and downs, just like you are – I see your power surge – and I’ll raise you a hot flush!

Although dealing with what menopause is throwing at you needs to be taken seriously, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom kinda serious.

My approach is pragmatic and holistic, and I’ll meet you where you’re at.

“For too long women have suffered in silence through these transition years, feeling as if we’re invisible and reached our ‘use-by-date’ . I say ‘no’ to this!”

Marnie Downer

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With over a decade of experience helping women just like you, who better to help you ’embrace the change’? Find out more about Marnie here.

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