Are you menopausal?

A short and sweet quiz.

Are you a woman over the age of 45? (circle the answer that best fits your description).


If you answered yes then guess what? You’re more than likely to be perimenopausal!

How do I know this?

It’s biology.

Now I can hear some of you you saying, “but Dame Marnie, my period is still regular.” And that may be true, but things are changing.

In fact, things start winding down from our late 30s! That’s why if you get pregnant after the age of 35 it’s considered a ‘geriatric pregnancy’ (horrible term that needs a rebrand…).

Welcome to the club.

Menopause is a second chance to honour your life as a woman (in completely new and different ways). And Great Dames is here to help guide you through this transition and expansion (and I don’t just mean your waistline!!!).

When I first starting going through menopausal changes I wasn’t prepared. I ignored the symptoms, got all hot and bothered under the collar, and I didn’t understand the menopausal journey biology was about to take me on, as it creeped its way into my body and life. 

So, Great Dames was birthed, to help you ‘embrace the change’ (one hot flush at a time).

Not sure where to start? Check out the Ultimate Survivor’s Guide. It’s free!

You can download it here.

And remember, this is your time to be great.


P.S. Now, before you switch off and think, ‘this isn’t for me’. If you are over the age of 38, I would call you a ‘lady in waiting’. Things are starting to change and shift a little before you become a ‘real woman’ (wink). Believe me when I tell you, I wish I’d been better prepared. So, it’s good to know what may be heading your way and it won’t surprise you when you get that internal, ‘is this all there is?’ or ‘what’s next?’ or ‘why has my PMS got so bad?’ Have a quick read of my journey into the ‘change’ here.



With over a decade of experience helping women just like you, who better to help you ’embrace the change’? Find out more about Marnie here.

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